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composeEye Care for Generations

At Bright Eye Care we provide comprehensive eye exams, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses for discerning individuals and their families.

From pediatrics to geriatrics, Bright Eyecare will meet your vision needs for a lifetime. Click below to learn more about Bright Eye Care.

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flask-full Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to provide quality eye care and stylish eyewear is why Bright Eyecare continues to be the premier ophthalmic practice in Saline County.

Our doctors and staff utilize cutting edge technology in order to provide superior and efficient eye care.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I am out of contact lenses, can I get a pair quickly?

Yes. Dr Bright keeps many types of contact lenses in stock.  Most prescriptions can be filled immediately following a successful contact lenses and corneal health evaluation.  Bright Eye Care even stocks popular brands of for annual supplies.  If a certain prescription of contacts lenses are not in stock, they can be convenently ordered online and deliveried to your home.
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