Frequently Asked Questions

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I am out of contact lenses, can I get a pair quickly?

Yes. Dr Bright keeps many types of contact lenses in stock.  Most prescriptions can be filled immediately following a successful contact lenses and corneal health evaluation.  Bright Eye Care even stocks popular brands of for annual supplies.  If a certain prescription of contacts lenses are not in stock, they can be convenently ordered online and deliveried to your home.
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What insurances do you accept?

Bright Eye Care accepts most vision and health insurance plans, these include: VSP, VCP, Vision Care Direct, Humana, EyeMed, Avesis, Davis Vision, Always Vision, Spectra, Superior Vision, Medicare, Medicaid, ARKids, Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Qualchoice, Cigna, Municipal Health Benefits.
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Helpful Links

Below you’ll find links that I often share with my patients, colleagues, and friends.

This is a great application to help you find the right kind of eye wear. Start here and then come and see us for a fitting.